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Apple iPhone 6/6S Plus – Dual-Layered Credit Card ID Storage Basketball Case Michael Jordan Store Money Cash Slide Wallet Jumpman Air Protective Cover (Red)

Price: $24.74

Protect your phone in style, while having the option to store your cards! This phone case not only protects your phone, but can also hold your credit card, ID card, driver’s license or even cash! The back has the option to slide open to store up to 2 cards in. This case is sturdy and durable with double layer protection including a internal flexible TPU black layer as well as an external hard PC shell. The inner lining is made of TPU (flexible rubber-like material), which makes installation and removal extremely easy without harming the device. This is a durable case that will protect your iPhone to the fullest. Perfect cutouts for speakers, cameras and other ports. Completely wraps around the entire phone and includes a raised edge to prevent the screen from scratching when laying screen face down. The case is not associated with any specific brands. These cases are only available for a limited time as very few actually exist.Shipped from the USA within 1 business day. Receive within a few business days with USPS First Class Shipping!
Maximum 360 protection by completely covering your phone and wrapping around each side.
Interior high quality flexible TPU liner giving shockproof protection from accidental drops.
Front lip around the screen side of the phone allows you to place your phone face down without damaging the screen.
One of a kind model available for a limited time in multiple colors for every iPhone.